MAT Exam: 5 smart tips to score high in MAT – MBA entrance exam 2017 on 7th May

5 Smart tips to score high in MAT May 2017 exam guide you on last day activity that includes taking more mocks, revision, time management, choosing questions smartly and focusing on first 4 sections

Mat Exam, MAT 2017

Your preparation strategy for MAT May 2017 exam is passing through the last phase or must have come to close with MAT May 2017 exam date in PBT format scheduled for tomorrow on May 7.  read more …

Revise only: Don’t begin anything new
Since only a day is left to MAT May 2017 exam date, you should devote your time today to revise it only.  read more …

Attempt MAT Mocks & mark answer on dummy OMR sheets
Your nearest stationary shop must have blank OMR sheets, buy a few of them.  read more …

MAT Mock tests are available on sites. Attempt MAT Mocks and mark your answers on dummy OMR sheet as it will help you in 2 ways – one that you are able to see the actual type of questions which you will face in MAT May 2017 exam tomorrow and second that you will be able to understand well on answer marking pattern for MAT May 2017 exam.

Focus on Top 4 scoring sections 

To save your time and energy, there is no need to revise further on GK as it will not be counted to calculate your percentile in MAT May 2017 exam.  read more …

MAT Syllabus 2017 and MAT May exam pattern indicate that there would be 200 questions in MCQ format in MAT May exam.   read more …

According to past MAT exam toppers like Ketan Anand, it is not necessary to attempt GK questions.   read more …

Revisit the key scoring topics
The weight of all the sections in MAT exam is equal. If you analyze previous MAT question papers, MAT Mocks,   read more …

MAT exam analysis reveals that questions in all the 4 sections in MAT exam have remained more or less same in past without throwing any surprise element.

Language comprehension
Out of 40 questions in language Comprehension section, 10 are supposed to be based on vocabulary comprising synonyms-antonyms,  read more …

4-5 comprehension passages followed by 4 questions each are expected in the MAT exam. Other questions are supposed to be based on jumbled paragraphs,  read more …

Mathematical Skills
The major share of questions in this section is based on Arithmetic like Percentages, Profit and Loss, Time and Work, Averages etc.   read more …

Other favorite topics on which questions may be based are LCM/HCF; Probability; Mensuration; Geometry among others.   read more …

mat cutt off

Intelligence and critical reasoning
Favorite MAT topics in this section are Assertions reasons, Family tree, analogies, Direction, series, cause & effect, calendar, distribution, assertions.   read more …

Data analysis and Sufficiency
70% of the questions in this section are expected to be on data interpretation. Pie charts, bar diagrams, charts, line graph.   read more …

Indian and Global environment
This section is not taken into account to calculate MAT percentile score. MAT 2017 May exam scores will keep this section as qualifying, although it is an integral part of MAT question paper.    read more …

Time Management with speed & accuracy
Time Management is a big issue in MAT exam. There are 200 questions to be solved in 2½ hours (150 minutes).    read more …

Section no.

Section Subject

Number of questions

Suggested time to solve (In minutes)


Language comprehension




Mathematical skills




Data Analysis and Sufficiency




Intelligence and Critical Reasoning




Indian and Global Environment







Choose the question smartly
There is no need to take any question as a challenge as all the answers will carry equal marks in MAT May 2017 exam.   read more …

Testing room strategy on MAT May 2017 exam date
To avoid mistakes in MAT May 2017 exam, adopt the following strategy in testing room

  • Target high percentile to get an edge over your peers
  • Make 4 to 5 attempts per section. The best doable questions should be covered in the first attempt followed by more difficult questions.
  • Skip the questions which you do not find doable in the first instance. If time permits, come back to it.
  • Begin with the most favorite section. Also, try to maximize attempts in the last section as you may get tired by the time you reach the last section.
  • Don’t try to cram your head with the unknown type of questions that may cause fatigue.
  • Go to the examination hall with the open mind to attempt any type of questions.

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